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First, I called to ask about pricing after our contract was up in a month with the triple play package and I was told $44.95/mon for each internet & phone. (I was going to cancel the TV.) Then I called back once it was closer to the contract ending. I was told that there were discounts for the internet service for 6 months ($19.95 for regular internet, $29.95 for Blast) and no discounts for the phone. I agreed to getting the Blast internet at discounted price for 6 months (regular price $59.95 after 6 months) and phone for regular price. I verified that I could get this discount (being that I am a current & not new customer & I was told yes). This change was scheduled to take effect 2 days after the contract date was up and I was told to call and make sure everything went through on that date.

When I called back I was told that none of these things had went through. Our triple play package was not canceled like it was supposed to be. I told this tech the prices the last tech had told me. She said there are no discounts at this time. I asked if they can just look at the notes from the last call and she said none of it was there. So I asked her then if he just basically lied to me for over 20 minutes explaining all of the pricing and details. She didn't know. I just said, "Whatever, I'll just get the internet now (regular price). Cancel phone and cable." She now said the regular price for internet would be $66.95. New prices every time I call.

I called back to ask when the phone and cable were going to be shut off because they still were not canceled. This tech told me by midnight. I also was verifying the pricing for the internet I would be paying. She said it was going to be $67.52. I asked her why they keep telling me different prices. She now told me she would give me $10 off for 12 months ($57.52/mon).

I called again the next day because the service did not shut off at midnight like I was told. This new tech I spoke with said I was not even authorized on the account! I said, "I was added a couple of months ago. How is it that I made all these changes and called the last 5 times??" She said she didn't know and couldn't tell me anything. By this time I was furious. I have been lied to several times and they apparently do not keep records of what they tell you. Now I'm not even on the account.

My boyfriend called later and asked who is on the account. They said just him. He asked, "Then how come you let her make all these changes without her being authorized?? It doesn't make sense. I added her months ago & she's been making changes" After a long time, he made them read through the notes and sure enough there was my name. They had no explanation. Next, we doubled checked our pricing again. Now she gave us another new price for our internet (no $10 discount for 12 mon). That phone call was not even on record! After discussing everything again, she said she would give us $10 off for 6 months only. We'll be lucky if that's even true. This has been the worst customer service experience ever!!! I'm going to start recording the calls myself!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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What's the use of better pricing when the service is so poor? Constant problems and then they want to charge you to come out.

I've had the techs out twice, swapped cable boxes twice and still we're down half or more of the time. Now when we call we find out they have outsourced their office to Mexico.

So, not only do they charge us too much, they don't even hire and support Americans. That was the last straw for me.


Just say NO to their pricing. let them know that you will be changing services and then arrange for the change, call back and cancel Comcast service.

they will come around to giving you better pricing or loose your business.

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