I arranged for Comcast installation. They said they would contact to have my phone # ported over, and I did not have to do anything.

This was two weeks prior to installation. On the day of installation, they said the process was not finished to port the telephone number. They indicated they would complete it and call me back. No phone call.

I called and Comcast said I would have a telephone in 24 hours.

Three days later I still do not have a telephone, which is crucial to working from home. I called and said now I won't have a telephone for 5 more days (a total of 7 days). What's going to happen on day 7?

Will they tell me 10 more days for my telephone service. I'm not impressed with their service!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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Comcast also lost my number I had since 1997....so I requested a new number wich they looked up and said was avilable and will be in in "24 to 72" hrs....a week later...no phone number...I call back and they tell me the same thing....today I call back (4days later) and I tell them if it's not on by the end of the day, they can remove phone service from my tripple play and I will get the phone service that only cost $19.95 a year! They assured me it will be active in 2 to 5 hours....it better be or I am going to march right into their office and demand they remove the total cost of the phone service from my tripple play package and lower my monthly bill! They are not very professional at all and their "Comcast Customer Guarantee" is BOGUS!


I had a similar problem with Comcast when trying their VOIP Phone Service. Totally Unreliable, they lost the phone number I had for 30 years, gave me same excuses about porting the line over.

Spent hours on the phone with them and finally told them forget it I want my " Real " telephone Co. back.

Compared to Comcast phone service, the old Copper Phone Lines never sounded so good...and... they are much more reliable.


that all depends on who you are porting your number from. some an take up to 14 days. the number still has to be active also.

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