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Comcast was supposed to get my internet started, only the technician left a wire running down my lawn, across my driveway, and then across the driveways of my 3 neighbors, and finally ending at a box at the end of our row of townhomes.

Not only that, but the internet still doesn't work, and I spent over an hour on the phone with them.

I was assured that in 24 hours it would be working and the wire would be gone, but it's been 2 days and neither has happened. My neighbors are starting to get angry, and Comcast won't do anything about it.

Who would leave a wire laying on multiple lawns and driveways and think that is ok??!?!

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They just did the same thing to me. I saw something running from the side of the house, through the yard and up to the junction box out by my drive-way.

It was about 50 feet of cable coming out of the box on the side of house. I was dumbfounded! It has been this way for over a week and no one has been out to bury the thing. It is a good thing I saw it or I would have hit with my mower.

I was not having any cable issues so I don't know why they did this. I thought I had lost my mind.

I'm glad to see they did this to someone else and I was not singled out for some odd reason. :eek