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FrontierNet raised rates so we thought we'd go ahead and switch everything to comcast for tv, internet & phone - i was without phone for a week and had to buy a cell because they forgot to enter the order - it went downhill from there --- poor customer service, rushed techs who messed up my tv reception and lost all my internet settings, and even someone from corporate escalation was totally unsympathetic and insinuated we lied. now they're saying the rates were given were wrong and they're charging more. Unbelievably painful experience all the way around.

if you have a choice, stay away from all things comcast.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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No, Comcast does suck. At our business the phones and internet go out at least once a day.

There is no way to transfer it to another phone when that happens without calling Comcast from a cell phone and wait 15 minutes on hold.

I had internet only at home and when I moved across town they said it would be $100 to hookup. I argued since I was already a customer and they said they'd knock it down to $80. When the tech came out he said it'd be $300.

Told him to get the *** out. We still have Comcast at work, but it's the only service available in our area and a lousy one at that.


We have had them for many years ... in the last year we have been without tv, phone or internet at least once per week ...

you call, they set up appt, it mysteriously gets cancelled ... the escalation person said I called and cancelled it ... I didn't ... so basically called me a liar ...

terrible service ....

my neighbors all have the same problems I have ... They make TOO MUCH MONEY TO CARE!


Dandridge is a small town with service provided by both Comcast and Charter. The line splits at the city limits heading out to Burchfield.

You may be referring to a Charter tech, but I doubt a Comcast one.

Knoxville happens to be run by the best supervisor and tech team going in the Knoxville/Metro area. I doubt they screwed anything up and that it was a misquote from a CSR/CAE, which happens from time to time. People make mistakes and no one is perfect.

So yes. A class action law suit for being human is a great idea.

Might want to include yourself as well in that suit too as defendants. :grin


I feel your pain EXACT thing/situation happened to us as well. we should get a class action law suit together.

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