it all began when i decided to give comcast phone service another try. well, my fears were finally realized on the afternoon of june 24 2009 there was a power outage.

my monther suffered a heart attack about a half hour after the service was out. i went to get the phone to call 911 and low and behold no phone service either. i had to knock on doors of neighors houses to call for help.

because of the delay that was caused by the *** *** service my mother would probably still be alive tonight. burn in *** bastards.

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My sympathies for your loss, and with respect, I have a theory I'd like to share. While I'm certainly no cheerleader for comcast the battery backup should have lasted.

If you have a cordless phone what might have happened is because the power was out, your cordless phone base wasn't on/functioning.

Yes the handset would turn on, but you wouldn't get a dial tone because the base wasn't getting any power. I've found if I need to make a call during a power outage, just plug in an old school corded phone into the outlet and I can make calls until the battery backup dies.


The only way that she could not have made the call to 911 on her CDV is if a back up battery was not install in the unit. The battery last about 2 hours until power is restored whice would have gave you 1 1/2 hours left on the battery at the time of the heart attach.


To blame comcast is nothing more than mis-placed anger.

Comcast states that in case of power outage the phone may not work.

Even if you were able to make a call within 30 seconds of your mother's heart attack, a small traffic jam could of accounted for the same delay for the ambulance. Would you sue those involved in the traffic jam?

Guildhall, Vermont, United States #61359

I am sorry about the loss of your mother. Because of Comcast I lost my home when I was unemployed.

I did not access to email or the internet even though I was paying for it.

Again, my condolences. I suggest a cut throat attorney and sue the %$*@ out of them.

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