I can't stand the way the price for Comcast services rises from month to month. They now promote a fixed rate for a brief period but will quickly jack it up after that.

The ***-cast game: The only way to keep your rates the lowest (that I've found) is to call every 6th months and have them put you on the latest promo deal (it will only last 6 months though). How ludicrous that I have to call regularly to keep my price from skyrocketing. I've seen Comcast bills for identical services ranging from $70 all the way to $200 plus. If you don't call them regularly they will charge you an additional $5 or so each month.

Why the rise? Service to my house costs them nothing. The lines are up, my house is networked, there have never been any hardware problems. Twice they have sent technicians when I've made changes to my account even though I told them it was not necessary. This leads to extra cost. My biggest fear though is that I am paying for them to extend service to new areas, advertise to new customers, and make hardware upgrades that won't benefit me.

I've had mixed results with customer service. Most people seem polite (unless you're rude to them) but I've encountered several incompetent individuals both in person and on the phone.

About those technicians.....I read several complaints about the "Comcast" technicians. A lot of these guys are sub-contractors. They aren't even Comcast employees. They have minimal training, are not adequately background checked (for someone entering your home), and as many of you have noted are often less than professional.

Down with Comcast!

We need a viable and reliable cable company in Portland!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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In January I got a $20 increase .....Why "well sir that is our annual increase " ....WHAT ??? ...Then this month I got another $4 increase ....When I called I was told "It is due to our increased costs".....Not only that when you call for a Billing issue you get somebody in a Foreign Country now ....OMG... There seems to be nothing can be done !!!


Called for installation of Triple Play Service. I made it very clear that we were excited about having ON DEMAND.

A set-up time was given and the technicians arrived. They were annoyed that the appointment was scheduled for a Sunday and pretty much blamed me for the time. I was not the one who set the time up it was the customer service person I spoke to. They finished the installation and did not have the time to show us any features on the new remote (said we would learn to use).

Later that evening we settled in to select a move with our ON DEMAND service. Mush to our suprise we were unable to use the feature. I called cutomer serive immediately and was told by another rep. that I was in the 719 district and that service was unavailable (even though neighbors ten minutes away have the service).

I asked to that charge removed from my bill and wanted some type of credit for the miscommunication on their part. I was told that wasn't an option and that I should be patient and ON DEMAND would get to my area in the near future (that was 2 years ago). I have kept the service for the 2yr. promo period and have just recently received my adjusted bill for 150.00 after the promo.


Their charges are out of control. It is time they are held accountable.

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