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The truth is Comcast does not care about their customers, they just care about numbers, customer service representatives have to make sure they resolve technical problems within 9 minutes, if representatives still on a call after the 9 minutes, representatives are harass constantly by supervisors, and operations. They have people on the floor making sure representatives finish their call within those 9 minutes, even if representatives are in their weekly manager meetings, system issues, still affect them, that company does not have a good operations system, to work on exceptions.

I know all this because I know of people working for Comcast, most of them have resigned due that work was too extremely stressful, some of them still remain looking for another job, due to the bad economy. That's the reason why customer service rep are rude, the company does not care about customer service just numbers, and that's why when you call they need to get you off the phone as soon as possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

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My husband just got a call from comcast wanting us back. When he told her he didnt want her to go over her 9 minute limit, she said and I quote.... " I am not from customer service, I am from customer relations." Never denied the limit, so it must be true, but only for the poor saps in customer service!


To add to that, most supervisors on the floor give empty promises to Comcast customers. There is no supervisors support for all this representatives, reason why customer service representatives either transfer you, or lie to you.

Comcast does not have customer service promise, as most companies do.

There has been several customer service representatives, who have to remind supervisors, hey we need to help our customers, and their response is you know you only have 9 minutes, this no about satisfying the customer we need to make our numbers. For anyone that have work in call center environment and know what Average Handle Time is, knows what I am talking about.