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My phone is my most important service and unfortunately we have comcast triple play or whatever their calling it these days. My phone is down more than up!

This is a safety feature if my house burns down or their is a health crisis what will we do? HUM, run next door I suppose. I wish AT&T wear available here in my town. I would switch us in a heartbeat!Now that's going to be 2nd job...petetion my town for a better network.

If YOU have a choice...go elsewhere!

I would just like a better company. Comcast just STINKS!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I tried Comcast phone service ( voice over internet protocol ) for 2 weeks and went right back to my traditional phone company ( the Real Phone Co . ).

Copmcast internet phone service was just too unreliable. Too many missed incomming calls, On local calls in my same town " All circuits are busy now please try your call again later " ( I havn't heard that one since the 1950's LOL ).

Too much aggrivation for me.

I went back to my " traditional " phone company. It's worth it for the peace of mind and reliability.


At&T is not the solution!!! They have a class action lawsuit as we speak!!

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