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I’m only writing this to the consumer because ultimately you have the power. That power has everything to do with the choices you make for yourself. I am writing specifically about Comcast because I am a former customer of theirs and have had similar complaints that are just as appalling as others on this site and many other sites regarding Comcast’s services.

I was a customer if Comcast’s internet, cable, and phone services and found that Comcast was an entity with no intent on resolving customer issues if they could get away with it. I spent many hours on the phone with customer service reps trying to resolve issues that would commonly arise from service disruptions, and billing inaccuracies. In dealing with Comcast I became quite good at playing the game by not accepting their bullying tactics and was able to correct their mistakes when it came to outrageous charges on my monthly bill. Although I never did have any luck in getting them to compensate me on my bill in the cases of week long service disruptions to my internet account.

The problem that I found with Comcast was not that they are a soulless company interested only in getting your money regardless of how good or bad their services are, but rather that they are not the only company that thrives on these same principles. So by understanding this I then looked at myself, the consumer, and realized that I had the power to not allow companies like Comcast to devour my time and energy which ultimately I value more than money. So I decided to not deal with Comcast any longer and discontinue services with them. I will spare you the story behind the nightmare of ending my services because I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had to deal with them and that is not why I’m writing this. Anyway, I then found myself in a state of withdraw realizing the only company that would be able to provide me with my multimedia fix was Comcast. I had looked into other alternatives but found that their services were either just as bad or worse or not even an option. (Satellite is out because I have no means to obtain clear reception, don’t bother commenting, I checked it out for myself.) I found myself in a state of panic to which I though was very strange. “Why am I so upset over T.V.?” I asked myself, and it took me a long time to come to terms with the reality that my living rooms only entertainment outlet was my DVD collection and virtually no reception via antenna for my T.V.

Gradually I found acceptance, and then peace. Fortunately for me and my wife (Who is still struggling a bit with the lack of internet access.) the building we live in offers free internet access in their club house that we do use often enough to check emails and our netflix account. We both agree that we don’t use the internet extensively enough to justify paying $50.00 per month for access. And seeing that we do not have a phone line hooked up in our apartment, due to us both having cell phones, dial up is not an option. We may consider going with a cheep dial up connection in the future or maybe even DSL, but either way, we have our internet café in our building or we also have the library. Yes folks the library, it’s free and it’s a great place to go. Ok now I’m just rambling. What I am trying to say is that you have the power not only to not deal with Comcast but you also have the power to not deal with other companies that follow the same practices as Comcast does. All you have to do is stop complaining about them and just stop using them. It really is that simple.

Simplify your life little by little and soon you may find that all these things that we have convinced ourselves of save us time are really what have been taking away our time from things that are important. My wife and I have taken a new found love in reading out loud to one another weather it be a news paper, book, or magazine. Our 8 month old daughter loves it! And we find that we have so much more to talk about when we share our interests in what we are reading rather than sitting in the same room doing nothing together. You’ve seen it, one person watching T.V. while the other surfs the internet all the while not interacting with each other for hours on end. I was there man and to be honest I wouldn’t be able to recall any of those moment for I was a zombie. Now in the time that we have freed ourselves from unnecessary things I have what seem like a lifetime of memories with my family spent doing things that we would have otherwise not have done because something better was on the *** tube. Plus we have a lot more money because we aren’t paying large sums of money for what should be minor services. End of story and hopefully if you all decide to live life away from the T.V. and computer, then it should be the end of Comcast as well. Remember you have more power than you think they just don’t want you to know that.

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Let me say this, my problem hasn't been taken care of so the person who is using my name saying the problem was fixed is not me. I guess some of the employees' have nothing better to do than to respond to the comments. Now if we could get them to do their job we might have a good comment or two, but I truly doubt this is going to happen anytime soon.

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