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Very long story as short as i can make it:

1. Wanted to upgrade from basic cable

2. Decided to order the devices to do so only because I was given 30 days trial with no obligation- little did I know that that 'no obligation' would come to *** me in the ***

3. A very arrogant technician walked into my home leaving garbage and debris in each place he worked setting up our new very large boxes and equipment

4. Day 24 of the 30 days I decided that the upgrade was not worth the money, as I was still constantly flicking through the channels saying " Nothing good is on", so I called and "cancelled"

5. During this "cancellation" I was told I had 10 days to return all of the equipment, which I did on day 7

6. Returning the equipment was not as horrible as I expected, after being warned from numerous friends that I would be there all day. I waited approximately 40 min, but felt bad for others in the store that looked like they had been camped out for days

7. I got my receipt from returning the equipment, and went home thinking that was the end...nope, DEAD WRONG

8. Bill #1: $318.34 bill arrived in the mail (mind you, I've never received a bill from them before, as I pay a flat rate to my condo association every month as it is included in our condo fees)

9. Called customer service to see why I revived a bill

10. Much waiting, transferring, repeating of personal information and the situation, finally the customer service rep stated that the services were never "cancelled". She sees in the notes where I had called to cancel and puts me on hold to find out why it was never "cancelled", well she can't figure it out so goes ahead and "cancels" it for me again and assures me I will not be receiving anymore bills.

11. Bill #2: $480.38 I'm laughing now, like a crazy person

12. The next day my cable has been disconnected

13. I do the customer-circus again, call, transfer two dozen times, repeat my name address phone number and the situation two dozen times and again talk to someone in billing who says my services have not been "cancelled"

14. I'm in the twilight zone at this point, literally beg to speak to a supervisor and of course I cannot until I am transferred , and out of fear that I will be hung up on and will have to repeat my address one more time, I try my absolute hardest not blow my temper. So I try again to explain the situation, and the rep gives me a confirmation number stating that he had brought my balance to zero and that my cable would be turned on- and it did- until the next day when it was disconnected again.

15. After another customer-circus and crying on the phone, yes I was in tears out of pure frustration, I was told that the confirmation number I was given was only a prorated amount and "this time" it should be fixed to zero and the cable would come back on in 24 hours, we shall see...

Comcast has grown too big for their own good. With massive wait lines in their service centers and exorbitant hold times on the phone, only to transfer you numerous times and repeat your personal information every time only to talk to someone who assures you they are taking care of your issue, and find out later that it has not; repeat this cycle 3 more times for a total of 4 1/2 hours of holding, repeating my name, address and phone number more than anyone can count, it's no wonder why Comcast has terrible customer service ratings.

I wish I could do something more than just write a review, I wish I could ask the CEO if he would be ok with his family and friends having to go through all this ridiculousness just for *** cable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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time to call the fcc... AT&T gets turned in everytime they do this to me.

None of the others are better.

we have dsl at our condo and after 6 mos they still haven't connected my phone and they've changed the "password" because no one can ever connect..hate them all but the kids well.. i do it for them:(

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