I have had my service for 9 months now & it has NEEVVEERR worked correctly. The internet (NO exaggeration) DROPS every 10-20 minutes.

No matter what time of day. Forget online gaming & I can't even watch a full 30 min episode of something on Netflix without it dropping a thousand times. It is so absolutely frustrating. I have had a tech out to my house 3 times, a new modem from them, countless calls to troubleshoot & it has NEVER been fixed & all they offered me was a $20 credit to my acct for the inconvenience & to waive the fee to send out a tech guy.

UMMM?? Why wouldn't it be free already when it is THEIR fault my internet doesnt work, NOT mine. I pay for my water, electric, etc.. every month the same but THOSE services dont drop??

haha I can't even believe I have to spend $60 a month to have this disappointing service. #pissedconsumer

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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