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I've been with Comcast for three years.

Over that period, they have not ONCE gotten my name OR my address spelled correctly, although I have tried multiple times to get the error fixed.

About six months ago, my billing date suddenly changed from the beginning of the month to the end of the month. I only get paid at the beginning of the month... I tried to get their billing department to change the cycle so I would get billed at the beginning of the month, and they said they could not do that. So I had to call EVERY MONTH to get an extension so my service wouldn't be cut off before I could pay the bill.

A few months ago, they started claiming I was 3 months behind on my payments. I consulted their billing department about the matter, making sure to state that I had receipts that I could show them to prove I paid for those months of service. They refused to make any changes or even check out my receipts. It took an email to corporate threatening to sue before they fixed the error.

To add to the problem, half the time my cable TV didn't work, and my supposedly 25mbps internet often crawled even when loading simple webpages. For a long time I thought it was my computer, but then I found out AT&T worked fine with it. I guess cable companies never change their stripes... always overloading the shared box with more users in the area than they can really handle...

But here's the real icing on the cake. I quit Comcast for AT&T. I called them and told them that I wanted my service disconnected, exactly why I was ready to quit my service, and also inquired as to the time limit to get the equipment turned in and pay my last bill. The very next day a Comcast billing representative called me to inquire as to when I was going to pay my bill. I explained to her that I did not want the service and that I had already talked to someone from billing the night before about payment, and hung up. This is what she did (evidently pissed off about me hanging up on her)...

She turned my overdue bill in to a collections agency. The bill was only a week overdue, and my service hadn't even been disconnected yet. But she told the collections agency that the bill was over 50 days due. The same day I hung up on her, I got a call from the collection agency asking about payment.

Of course, I called billing again about it. At first, they didn't even look at the notes on my account, and started to go in to the whole spiel about "sorry you don't have service right now but your bill is showing as overdue...". I had to remind the rep to look at the notes on my account... after which he was apologetic and promised to escalate the issue because it was obvious that this bill was not overdue enough to require the intervention of a collections agency.

I am SO fed up with Comcast. There should be a class action lawsuit against them or something...

Monetary Loss: $102.

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Royal Oak, Michigan, United States #687587

Hands down Comcast is one of the worst service provider ever. I have never felt this bad to comment over the internet. I DO NOT RECOMMEND COMCAST TO ANYONE.

I spoke to a comcast agent to get internet connection and finalised the price. I was told that the router and cable would arrive in 2 business days and it took 20 days to get that, that too after calling the agent for nearly 8-10 times.

As such she said, she will waive the connection charges. The guy comes and connects the router, sets up, internet works. Next day it stops working. I was already frustrated, to that end, I had to call their technical support service 7 times (not a made up number) as not one guy could fix it. The worst part is they connect to xfinity service department and they say that i have to take signature support service without which internet will not work. No one tells me why i have to take this service. xfinity service i was told would cost $5/month and when i received the bill it was showing 14.95/month - a big scam. I tried calling comcast billing department to resolve this issue, having only said that I have to contact xfinity billing service.After arguing for 30mins, I asked the person to connect to her supervisor. She just hangs up the phone...

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