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I no longer have a Comcast account number because I've left and never looked back. I did, however, want to tell my story. I find it really sad that this company operates like this and it requires a blog that they don't even operate to potentially get things done. I have never received such shoddy and incompete customer service in my entire life. My husband and I moved to Maryland about 5 years ago and arranged to have Comcast come to the house to set up the cable and internet service. The previous owners already had Comcast and we didn't want any additional service, just switching it into our name and delivery of our digital box so we could order the occasional pay per view. SIX WEEKS later, 8 appointments (with 8 hour windows - thank goodness I had not started my job yet), we finally got our cable hooked up. Comcast would schedule an appt, I would wait patiently and no one would show up. One Sunday, I was given a 12-8 window. Comcast strung me along until midnight telling me the Tech was in the neighborhood, but got behind. Finally after calling every 15 minutes, an honest customer service tech told me that no one was out any more and I had been lied to repeatedly throughout the evening. No one would ever come to my house that late at night. At that point, I was so desperate to just get service, I would have let them come at 3 am. Depending on the customer service person that answered the phone was the dictator of what type of customer service I got. I requested repeatedly that supervisors call me and that was a real shot in the dark. I went as far up the line as I could because I was so angry I could barely see straight. Unfortunately, my house had so many trees around it, a dish was not an option. I had three pages of log notes for every time I called. Throughout the ordeal, Comcast gave me about $250 in service credits, but still could not get the tech to my house. The next to the last appointment they set for me the tech didn't show. When I called to complain, the customer service rep told me that the technician was at my house and no one came to the door. I knew that was a lie because not only did I sit for the 8 hours on my couch reading a novel, I have two seriously large dogs that tell me if someone is walking within 10 feet of my property line. The customer service rep said the technician described my white door (which was not uncommon in my neighborhood) and I didn't answer the door. After six weeks of trying to give these people my money for a service, they had the temerity to accuse me of yanking THEM around. The insinuation was that somehow I enjoyed wasting approximately 60 hours over six weeks just so I could screw them out of service credits for a service I wasn't getting, I guess. I was astounded. The next appt that was set, the tech finally showed, albeit 2 hours late. I found out he was actually a contractor and a very honest customer service rep told me that they have problems all the time controlling their contractors. The tech couldn't figure out why my brand new digital box wasn't working, he had some serious hygiene issues and could barely speak English. I was horrified and as a woman home alone with this person, I was nervous. Over the next week, we had 3 addtl techs (1 contractor and 2 actual Comcast employees) come to my house to try and fix the digital box. I finally screamed and yelled so loud, they just replaced it. From that point on, my service was fine. If I am ever in a Comcast area again, I will go without cable then to ever do business with them again. My suggestion to anyone looking at Comcast is to run in the other direction. Get bunny ears or a dish. It will save you a lot of pain.

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*** comcast so expensive yet not

working :(


I'm having problems with Comcast as well. The screen goes black, with sound, for up to five hours.

Finally scheduled a technician who came out and fooled around until it worked. Then it went out again. Another technician came out and replaced the box. Same problems.

Called for another tech. While I was talking to the csr, I asked what would happen when my $60.00 monthly package special was up. She told me that it would go up to over $100.00. She "couldn't" help me with any information regarding what other programs were available without adding the phone service to my cable.

Next technician told me I was turning it on wrong. Yee, gads!!

Is anyone in Northern California aware of programs for senior citizens or whatever happened to "Basic" service?

It seems that the digital signal means that you have to have more channels than before ... and pay for them, too.


Fully agree....everytime I had to deal with Comcast, I had a bad experience.

Especially be aware of Comcast.Specials, some through third party sites like Bridgevine, most are a scam


Dave, thanks for your comment, but $250 dollars in credits did not in any way credit me for the amount of time over 6 weeks I spent waiting for the service tech only to be accused of trying to milk the company for credits. It would be different if AFTER they gave me the credits, they tried to make it right, but they didn't and they don't. I still ahd to fight to get my service connected.


Thanks for your input, Rebopine, but the fact that there is a website called Comcast must die with hundreds of similar stories tells me it's a regular customer experience.

Keasbey, New Jersey, United States #90469

I agree with rebopine, your experience sucked, but fact of the matter is, they credited you for the problem, you said yourself over 250$. That sucks but at least they admitted the mistake and gave you due credit. and the contractor, Comcast cannot hire enough people, even in this economy they are constantly hiring technicians and cant keep enough available.


shut up. people can complain about whatever theyd like.

no one asked for your approval. comcast bites.

end of story. :p


This isa typical Customer complaint! I just got off the phone with Comcast about the fact that their contractor came out and instead of giving me a DVR, like I asked for, gave me an HD box.

Here's the kicker, he hooked it up to a TV that is not even close to being HD. It's my bedroom TV and is the old style tube kind!!! After calling Comcast to find out why I couldn't record, she tells me she will send a tech out tommorrow sometime to replace the box and that usually costs $40, but she, out of the goodness of her heart will do it fo rfree. LMAO.

I am moving into a condo and had no choice but to get rid of my dish. I've only had Comcast for 3 hours and I am missing my dish already!!!


Too bad about your experience. My two cents, this sounds like a isolated incident or a rare happening at least.

I've been a Comcast customer for over 10 years and never had a single issue with the service or support. I understand that you are upset and wanted to vent, but you should probably check to see if this is a "regular customer experience" before you start crying out for a boycott.

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