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Comcast is the most unreliable company to ever exist. They scheduled a day to install services in my home and failed to show up TWICE even after I paid for the first month in advanced.

I called 4 times and received 4 different answers. Are they really that big that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing? Or are they just so eager to get people and their money in the door and they don't care to loose them in a few days. After calling them and voicing my concerns instead of helping me they tried to keep me as a customer on there terms.

Comcast didn't care that they had inconvenienced me in multiple occasions I still had to wait until they had time to go out to my house for a THIRD time. Serves me right since I was told by everyone that Verizon was the way to go.

Clearly even though Comcast is cheaper you get what you pay for! I called Verizon and was very thrilled with the service I received from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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You sound like a whinny baby. Sounds like Comcast didn't need you anyway.