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For several years I have had the misfortune of being forced to deal with comcast reps. Each year it gets worse and worse.

Today I was forced to call them and had the misfortune of getting Bailey on the line. She started out with attitude which, of course, got my gander up. After several minutes of her *** I asked her to transfer me to another rep so I could get my situation handled by someone else. She refused and told me she couldn't transfer my call to another rep.

I told her I had had this conversation before, spoken to a supervisor who told me it was possible and that yes, she could and she would. She refused and when I raised my voice and tried to talk over her she hung up on me. I called back, went thru the same annoying automated *** and guess what? SHE answered again. It started all over, I demanded to speak to another person, she refused so I demanded to speak to her supervisor. She told me she didn't appreciate my attitude and hung up on me. Again. I called back 10 more times, went thru the automated ***, hold time, etc..with over 35 minutes wasted on automated service alone, and she answered each time.

I tried to be reasonable and patient but I knew what I was up against when I picked up the phone to call them. Sure enough, same old thing. The problem with comcast is they are a big company. The bigger the company the worse the service is because they don't need the customer and they don't care about the customer. The customer relies on internet for almost everything now so they can pretty much do what they want.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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Happened again despite promise from corporate that things would be looked into. I have a forum troll telling me if I paid my bill this wouldn't be an issue.

The issue - TROLL - is that i fell behind on my bill because life, or *** happens. I paid a large sum on Friday but comcrap does NOT tell the customer that XX more must be paid to avoid shut off. They can get reconnect fees, late fees, and paying over the phone fees - which I had to pay today to have internet turned back on. I couldn't use my internet to pay my bill and was left with no choice but to call.

So shut the *** troll. Walk a mile in someone elses shoes and get the whole story, not what your little pea brain reads.

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