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There are not many things I hate more than realizing that I have to call Comcast about something. Let's see what I've had to deal with this week, and I don't even currently have their service. I moved here from Indianapolis where I discontinued service and paid my bill. A month after moving, I had a collection agency calling me to tell me I owed Comcast nearly $300. I called Comcast, was transferred between about 5 different people and on hold for 24 minutes, only to be told that I had to speak with the local office in Indianapolis because they couldn't do anything. The first time I was transferred to Indianapolis, the automated system told me to call back later. I called the 800 number again and went through the *** automated charade once more. I finally spoke to a rep who gave me the direct Indianapolis number. I called the number only to find out it was the number to a local Chase bank and they said they have hundreds of people calling them everyday asking for Chase. I gave up and called back the next day and found out that they did not record that I turned in my equipment until the day after my billing cycle ended, so they send a letter to a collection agency. They confirmed that they did receive them and I didn't owe any money (in fact I had a credit) and said I would have to wait for a local rep to MAIL me confirmation of the credit. I'm still waiting.

Next, I had set up an appointment for Comcast to come set up my cable in Chicago. ***, I know, because I should have learned from my mistakes. However, they offered a great price over the phone but I know it will be higher on my bill. Regardless, they came 2 weeks ago and couldn't find the Comcast lines in my building. They left and rescheduled. The second round of technicians were confirmed multiple times to arrive in the 10am - 1pm window on a Saturday. I was not at home this morning and had 2 voicemails from Comcast at 9am saying they were at my building and leaving because I wasn't here. Well, I set the 10am - 1pm window because I knew I wasn't going to be around on Saturday before 10am. So I called the 800 number back, had to be redirected through 3 people, then someone who barely spoke English and didn't understand my problem said he will see if dispatch could call someone to come back, and that he would call me back. I waited an hour, called them back and was told someone would still come between the 10am - 1pm window. THEN I had the original person call me back to let me know that a technician will be out sometime before 8pm. THAT IS A 7 HOUR WINDOW. Apparently I'm not supposed to leave my house all day on Saturday in case the technician comes in that time frame before 8pm. The reason I made it earlier was so that I could still do stuff that day after the appointment. I am beyond frustrated with this ignorant and unprofessional company and am considering canceling the appointment to have RCN come out.


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I promised myself when I switched to Verizon a few years back that I would not go back to Comcast. Well they hit me up with a great deal including free DVR for 2 years so I took the bait again.

One month in, they send me a letter saying they hoped I enjoyed the one month free trial and that they would begin charging me.

I'm kicking myself. I'm going back to Verizon and this time I'm not coming back.


My friends work for Comcast and they say Comcast does not use it's own service they use T1 internet services for employee computers.


if we all ban together and report them to the FCC maybe things will change.


I had had cable since the beginning of time I got tired of the increases every other year, I got tired of the re-runs, I got tired of my neighbors stealing my cable and Comcast doing nothing about it, somebody should tell them that kids don't subscribe to cable. I got tired of them lying to me promising everything then doing nothing.

I turned my cable off May 2010 and left owing Comcast about $118 they worried me (or at least tried to) for the money I told them if they handled my problems and concerns like they thought they would handle me getting their money there wouldn't have been a problem!!

I've saved over $1600 in the almost 16 months since I turned Comcast off they have the nerve to have collections calling me about $40 I still owe them. They wasn't in a hurry to resolve my issues and almost 16 months later I haven't been in a hurry to pay them their money!


My DVR always worked good until they came out with Xfinity. Now nothing works the way it should.

I think Xfinity is a code word for how to screw the public.

It's amazing that the authorities allow them to get away their shennanigans.

In all my 70 plus years I have never seen a company like that, and a public utility monopoly to boot. Where are the regulations?

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