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On May 9, 2010, I contacted comcast online chating service. The representative who I was chating with was Gianina.

She/He was extremely rude and never answered my question correctly. The billing of my service was increased without any explaination. I was seeking for the reason for that but she/he just was trying to mess up with date of my promotion that I had more than a year ago. My monthly bill increased by $2 last month but she/he claimed that this was due to my promotion ending last month.

She/He said I had service starting on July, 2009 with a promotion of $19.99 for 3 months and after that FROM Oct. 2010 a promotion of $42.95 and it ended last month and now the regular rate is $44.95. This does not make any sense. what is the rate before Oct.

2010? I asked for the information but she/he just closed the conversation without any answer.

Ok, I was having a promotion for $19.99 per month when I started my service back to July, 2009. I was told that I can have that promotion for one year. However, I only got 3 months for that and comcast denied my original promotion which should be one year.

They said that $42.95 is regular for the service and I paid this amount until now. Then they changed it again and without any explaination.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Did you have this promotion in writing? Also, have you compared their services to others *** h as Verizon or DirecTV/Hughes Direct Way?OMG ive been there and done that..and so far comcast has been the best.

Yes they do have problems just like the rest..but their customer service far exceeds the others.Their pricing is in the ball park with or with out promotions,,,,hope you have learned one thing in your life... you dont get something for nothing.

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