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I've always had Comcast growing up and I don't recall having any problems with them. Then again i never had to deal with the employees, until now.

My cable went out Wednesday, it just wouldn't come on. I called them a number of times until someone told me my hdmi cord went out and I needed a new one. So, I switched it out and it still didn't work. I called back and they told me it had to be the outlet on the box and I could either wait three days for one to be delivered or I could go to the local Comcast and switch it out.

It was only ten minutes away so I went to go switch it out. When I got there the lady took my box and gave me a different box that you could tell had been used! She didn't tell me anything other then to make sure it was on the right channel. I got home and it still didn't work.

They told me I got a bad box. "It just happens" I switched it out again and it still didn't work. So they told me I would need a technician and I'd have to wait till Saturday. Saturday was here and the technician was here for a whole two minutes.

He put a code in the remote. He said they didn't activate it correctly over the phone. Why did I have to wait till Saturday for this code?!! Why did I talk to at least seven different employees and one supervisor and none of them could figure this out?!

I went to go watch tv Sunday morning and it wasn't working again... I called and talked to three different people and none of them could get it right. The last lady I talked to was amazed that I ever turn my cable off. Apparently that's the problem.

I told the last lady I talked to and the supervisor I wanted to cancel my subscription and I refused to pay any kind of cancellation fee and they didn't give two shots that they were losing a customer. They're closed on Sundays, so well see how it goes tomorrow.

I am never getting Comcast services ever again!! I've never been so disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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cancelled my service today after FINALLY getting Uverse tv in my neighborhood. Nearly half of last year was spent trying to get enough signal to our house to adequately supply us with consistent HD TV and internet.

8 or 9 service techs (and at least 1 no show) later and a complete re-wiring of the house, it was finally working again....for 4 months.

Then it started going out again. Made the switch last Friday to Uverse...could not be happier.

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