Denver, Colorado
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Comcast Business told me recently that I was under contract with them for 3 years. I asked them for proof of that.

They sent me a contract with my wife's computer generated signature on it. I asked them where my signature was as I am the OWNER of the company. They tried to skirt the issue that they screwed up because I authorized no one to sign a 3 year contract with them. I told one of the big shots at Comcast Business how upset I was because we wanted triple play.

He said if I send them $2,400 they would let me. I told him I would turn him in, complain to everyone I know: friends, family, business associates, the bbb. He said fine.

So here I am letting everyone know to stay away from COMCAST. They continue to ignore our calls, messages and our emails we send them.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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