Brunswick, Georgia

I've had Comcast (Comcrap) for 8 years....constantly have internet, home phone and tv problems. I feel sorry for their customer service reps...Obviously no one of the supervisors and above give a ***.

All the "canned responses" makes me ill.

If you really would fix the problems. Last straw with them, I'm going to Direct TV on Monday.....I had an appt with them for Friday or Saturday to come out, when they could...I had no phone or internet service...been a week now, no one showed up wither day, no phone call, no nothing.....

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I've had an appointment for them to come out and activate service for several days. I call and call. No one shows up.


:upset :zzz :( :x :grin


Cuz Comcast is the only service in the area. Look up monopoly in the dictionary. is email address of Comcast CEO


Haha, 8 years with issues and you still have them? Sounds like a lie to me.

Quit complaining and tell the truth. No one would deal with something that long not working.

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