Washington, District Of Columbia
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i started service with them and asked for wireless modem (need it for work) the tech comes out and says he hasnt any for months. a multi billion dollar company and they cannot fullfill a request that i put it 3 weeks prior.

I called the customer service twice and they stated they will ship me one overnight for free, for inconvience. 4 days go by and i still have not recieved it, i called back and they said it was an error with it and never shipped they had the nerve to attempt to charge me for it.

they didnt even call me about the error. horrible horrible horrible

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I meant router, I'm sorry. Frustration will steer you away from words as it just happened.

I do not because I spend $7 per month for either a cable modem or a wireless router/cable modem in one.

I will not spend $7 for something that does less. I shouldn't hVe to go out and buy that.


Never heard of it. You must mean a wireless router.

Why not just go to Walmart, Best Buy and buy one? They are inexpensive.

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