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My boyfriend and I have had problems with Comcast right from the beginning. From different representatives telling us conflicting information, to not getting (but still paying for) services we were not receiving, Comcast has been one big headache.

Our internet constantly goes out, sometimes six or seven times a day. We have called and called, they sent us a new battery but that made the problem worse. Now they gave us a four hour window for when they will come and look at it, they call ten minutes before the end of the window, we miss the call on the last ring, call them back right away and no one answers. The guy didn't knock on our door and our neighbor was outside and offered to let him in our building and he said no and just left.

There is no truck out front or anywhere on our block and now they're saying we need to make a new appointment tomorrow when my boyfriend and i have class and work.

Today was our day off and we wasted it waiting at home for no reason. I wish there was another option for cable here, but there isn't.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Comcast is a company that is forced on us just because we dont have choices.I booked an appontment for my first installation and wasted the whole day.Minutes before the window expired I called and the told me I should continue to wait.That day was wasted.

Almost two years later i wanted to move the service from the current location to a room in the same house.The same thing happend.This time the was no appointment booked while I was home waiting for a technician.What can I say about this company that does not care but forced on us.

The rep would not allow me talk to a sup

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