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My roommates and I had comcast for about 6 months, and it was nothing but trouble. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

You can never just talk to someone or simply get help, and it can even be difficult to pay the bill online. For 2 months the cable didn't work even though the internet did, so we kept trying to get someone to fix it, and when it finally was resolved, I asked if they would reimburse us for the 2 months it wouldn't work, they put me on hold... for an hour... finally I gave up.

There is so much we hated about it, we finally cancelled with them. I asked directly if there was ANYTHING left to pay and they said no. Now a month after canceling, I received a letter from a debt collecting agency from who else? COMCAST!

They had a whole lot of folderol to say about why there was one last bill... but the truth of the matter is they are just crooked and want to milk you dry without any responsibility on their end. I am seriously angry and I am trying my best to get this bill waived so that I will not have to pay for a month of service that we didn't even use!

If you haven't signed with them please don't. If you have, then Lord help you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #715346

here, here. I cancelled within 30 days because the service was so terrible and am still getting charged for the service "received" during that time because their system didn't realize I had sent the modem back until day 36. Never again.

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #609622

comcast charging 544.00 for *** charges which i did not order!! they r crooks, liars, cheats.

Lake Forest, Illinois, United States #603471

I have Comcast and every day for 8 hours the Internet is slow or doesn't even work for real they say high speed Internet.... It's a lie.

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