Richmond, Texas
Not resolved

I was sent a letter in the mail saying my "bundle promotion" was ending and that I could sign up for a 12-month offer of Digital Starter cable and Internet or accept my higher rate when my "bundle promotion" expires. When I told them we were not told we were receiving a "bundle promotion," I held for 20 minutues, then talked to Chris.

Chris proceeded to tell me I was wanting a cadillac but willing to pay for a Toyota Tercel.

I will evaluate alternatives to Comcast and plan to never use their services again. Spoke to Darryl and Chris.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

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Contact the BBB. They will help! Comcast needs to see that the CUSTOMERS are not going to stand for this *** service anymore!


I think comcast is pretty cool! They are really great now! Dude, they have the NFL channel for free now!

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