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In my 7/1/12 bill, a movie that I've never heard of was billed to my account - never have I ever watched a movie that I've never heard of at 1:58pm on a Monday afternoon. I do work for a living.

And I'm really not trying to get away with anything here - it is only $7.99 (that is rightfully my money) that Comcast is stealing from me. But apparently every employee has been told to drink the kool-aid - "I'm very sorry but I can't credit your account for this movie".

So multiply $7.99 by a whole bunch of other people in my shoes... thanks Comcast for generating revenue by stealing from your loyal customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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Similar problem here, times 10. We've had over 30 movies billed to our account since the initial installation of the bundle service on 6/20/12.

We both work full-time and are home approximately 7-10 hours in the evenings and rarely, if ever, on the weekends. We have literally spent 8+ hours both on the phone and speaking to "executives" via email and keep getting the run-around.

It's the same story, that they can't offer a refund of the charges and of course, there's no real way to "prove" we didn't order anything. Needless to say, I have a competitor coming the first of August to replace Comcast's services and they can take their outstanding charges and shove them.

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