Arlington, Virginia
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Um, where do I begin. This is the fifth forced interaction with them at my new location.

They have, I dunno, this sounds like a rant and, well, it is, how the *** do they....ugh....LONG LIVE I dunno Dish Network or Satellite TV or Fios or ANYTHING BUT THOSE MOTHERS at COMCAST! WHAT ***. Uh, I just have older analog tvs and well, actually, I am just typing at this point to achieve minimum word count for this page.

Comcast should not exist in a healthy competitive environment, I do not get it. I hate them with all my heart....

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it took me a day and a service call to my house for them realize they has cut on my tv when I asked them to drop the expensive internet service (I switched to fios). Not surprised they are so expensive; they sent someone out to fix something they could have worked out by looking at my account.

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