Chicago, Illinois
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ok so comcast comes in changes name and prices....

well i find out the other day im late on my bill i call the 800 number to find out why they called me. they say im late on my bill.

just fyi i have had no past problem with paying neways. they tell me im $49 behind im like ok i just mailed a $60 check so are we ok? they said no ur account is in status for being shut off. they tell me i will have to call the local office.

i do and they say there is nothing we can do....

i want insight back!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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I called looking for service for the company I work at trying to get new service for a new location our company is moving to. I called asking for a proposal and asked them to email it to me so that I could show my boss.

The next day Comcast guy called saying I needed to sign email paper work and start service and if I did not like service then he said I could cancel it with in 30 days .I told him I needed to have my boss the owner of our company look it over first. The Comcast guy was very rude trying to pressure me in to service .He then said he would cancel the request if I did not sign the paper work .I told him to cancel it ,and that I c could not sign anything with out my boss looking at it .He then sent me a rude email ...

He made this experience of wanting to switch a defiantly no...Because I would never want to do biasness with a company that is so rude...


Comcast sent me an advertisement for business class at $99. Just talked with Kathy in Venice, customer service rep and she was a foul *** Don't waste your time.


My problem was with Insight. Over 10yrs ago when they started offering movies over coax and digital TV i had the premium package.

Every other day it was down and i had to reset the receiver 4 or 5 times a day. They eventually replaced the receiver but i did not get all the channels i was paying for. To make this short i bought a home that already had a satellite and decided to dump insight before i moved. I called insight and requested that my service be canceled before the next billing cycle.

They said no problem. When the time came for they to turn off the service and pick up the equipment they were a no show. After i moved into my new home i get a bill for $270 for 1 month of service and they equipment. I called them and told them they didn't turn off the service on time and didn't show up to get the equipment.

I also said they can come pick up the equipment at my new address and they stated that would cost me another $75. To shorten the story i took them the equipment and told them i was not paying the remaining $75 because they were late turning the service off and i wasn't paying for a month at a place i no longer lived. They told me they would wave the $75 and i thought everything was fine.

Next thing i know i am getting calls from a collections dept and the $75 ends up on my credit report. The mark is off my report now but i never will pay them nor will i use their *** service.


If you have never been late Comcast can give you a one time extension. I am not understanding why you are allowing your account to be in the arrears in the first place.

Just like any company you need to pay your bills on time. You probably called in with e funky attitude and comcasters are not taking it anymore. Treat comcasters with respect and you will get more assistance.

Treat comcasters rudely and you will get no where. Try it!!

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