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Comcast offers "triple play" which is home phone line, internet and cable tv for 99.00 a month. I called to inquire about triple play services since my cable and internet bill equals over 150.00 a month.

I was advised by comcast that home phone lines are not avaible in my location. I had a comcast tech at my home the week before whom advised me yes my home could do home phone lines because they feed directly thru my internet modeum.

Comcast rep told me that since I "couldn't" get home phone line that I couldn't get the "triple play" and have to pay almost double for less services! Comcast would not honor the same rate as other customers who receieve more services than me.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Comcast is a HUGE THIEF! I feel none of them are on the same page with their serivce or their products.

If you don't get a name, a date and a time, it's like it never happened. Because none of them know what the other is talking about. I have been going back and forth for the past 2 weeks with them about these DTA boxes you have to have to get cable and they are all useless.

Gone are the days of plug the wire into the back of the tv nd you can have ALL the channels at no extra charge. :(