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This new move to digital is nothing but a money maker for Comcast. They say they are giving away 2 adapters per house - but it is just another way for the further control your viewing and monitor what is being viewed.

I decided I would pay for an extra HD-DVR - but I not only had to pay their advertised rate per month but then an additional fee for having more then 3 HD boxes (they don't advertise that). So now with their *** digital adapters I have ANOTHER remote that I have to use. They are out of control and just add fees on top of fees.

I'll be looking at alternatives - but I think they have a pretty good monopoly.

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What's the latest with "on Demand" the programs they run no longer have a fast forward feature. I use on demand to see programs i don't have time to watch regularly,if i don't have time do i really want to watch commercials?

furthermore why the same ones over and over? come on comcast if you can't afford to put the programs on without a fast forward feature don't offer them!!!


I so agree ... I feel like we are stuck and Comcast knows it ...

we have 3 choices ... no cable TV (which I am close to doing but will miss HGTV and the Food Network and FOX News), Comcast Digital Cable, or Sattelite TV ...

we sure can't expect the government to help us! *** world we live in!


Comcast has fraudulant sales policies. I received a call from them telling me that my high speed wasn't as fast as it could be and they would like to install a free modem.

Knowing Comcast as I do I asked how long it was free for. The answer? Till I stopped my service. Then I asked if it was free even though I was not going to sign up for their digital phone service they are always hawking.

The answer was yes. Can you guess? It wasn't free at all. So after over an hour of yelling in the phone I got them to give their "long term, valued" customer a credit and reduce rate - for 6 months.

After which this long-term, valued customer will be taking his business elsewhere. Fraud is will not be tolerated!


got my digital box lost all the local tv stations that were broadcasting in HD. now they tell me I need to get a HD box to get the HD channels I had before the change to digital cable which only helped them not me and now will cost me. I too will be looking at alternatives.


My family and I were scammed as well. never received our net-book.

was to get it before the holiday.

I am going to the BB. hopeful will hear from them soon.

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