Cupertino, California
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I'll make it short.

Bad connections. Dropped service all the time.

Not smart. They could have made things easier to maneuver though. There's a lot of extra button pushing. Service is terrible. In one call they sent me to the wrong state, the wrong kind service specialist and didn't listen well enough to even know my question. I have so few good things to say that it's sad. it's terrible. please don't ever get Comcast. ATNT U-verse is the way to go in my opinion. After going from u-verse to Comcast I feel exhaustedly hopeless.

Vote no on Comcast

don't get comcast!!!

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I want my SpeedVision back!!! I had upgraded my service, paid more money, had it for about 4 months (in HD) then they changed the channel packages and took it away again!! I'm not paying more for something I just paid more for, again!

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