Hialeah, Florida

Comcast ON DEMAND Exfinity is not taking care their clients. The customer services, supervisor and managers nevers give you solutions to get the service fix.

I do have not service since October 19, 2011, calling almost every day, making appt. They do not call, don't come at home, They do not give you solutions. You spend your time with them by phone day by day, but nothing! Please I recommend Comcast go out of business and do not let people be having a hard time with your company.


HELP your clients

It is really bad, they are worse every day! Sorry,

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unplug the box for 10 seconds and plug it back in wait about 1 minute till all the lights stop and are off turn it back on and wait for the reboot. remember to turn the box off when not in use.


XFAILITY/COMCRAP. I worked at the Lynnwood, WA call center where a fat sup named Kim Edwards sent email telling to work off the clock without pay.

We were fired when we complained to HR, but Kim (who is on her 4th husband) still works there. We are going to win a class action lawsuit against them.

steven sense

@jazygazy The fact that you were able to switch to another company makes the statement about Comcast being a monopoly false. While it is true Directv may offer cheaper packages, good luck watching tv on a rainy day with Directv.


Comcast is a monopoly and I totally agree with you! Their prices are outrageous, their techs NEVER show up and the packages they have to offer ***!

Directv is the BEST service as far as I'm concerned! They offer much more channel wise and their prices are affordable for all they have to offer.

I disconnected my Comcast service 7 years ago and have stayed with Directv - Comcast is a dirty word in my house! lol

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