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I try to be understanding of stores and companies, especially since I work for a retail store. but Comcast is just selfish, like Apple. when I was younger and when my parents had Comcast, I never really heard of too many problems other than the fact that they were a little overpriced. a couple years ago when I used to live with my mom and stepdad, but I no longer live with them, we paid rent on a house. I only put around $200 toward the rent (it was $800) but I did pay for Comcast cable and internet. it was over $100 per month and eventually it was at least $125 or something like that. when I ordered it to have installed, they told me that there were already Comcast cables in the house so I would have to set up the cable boxes and modem myself. luckily, I'm not illiterate when it comes to electronics so I managed to set everything up. I called up Comcast so they could activate the two cable boxes. one started up pretty fast, the other took a few hours. long story short, it was finally set up after a day of frustration.

a few months later, the internet stops working right. the signal kept going in and out. every day too and many times each day. I called up Comcast about it and of course the person on the phone treats you like an ***, asking if you've made sure the right cables/plus are connected, if you tried resetting the modem, etc. after answering their dumb questions, they finally tells me that it could either be the modem or the cables. (well no duh) a guy came out the next morning to fix it which was really convenient for once, he just took a while to get it done. but of course they didn't mention that I would be charged a service fee until after the service was already done. so I basically got charged for the service and the new cables that they replaced even though I was told to use those *** cables when we first moved in. they were just too lazy and cheap to install anything and to make sure everything was working properly at first. so I just said whatever, I was happy that the internet was finally working right again.

oddly enough, I start getting charged like an extra $20-$30 on my bill for some playboy subscription. I don't know how it got there but I got charged for it for a couple months until they finally removed it. unfortunately I ran into some money problems and I fell a little behind on the Comcast bills. I owed at least $200, maybe closer to $250. I called them to cancel the service because I was moving in with my girlfriend. they basically tell me that I would still owe the balance if I was to ever get Comcast again which was understandable because I fell behind on the (overpriced) payments. so what do they do? they keep sending me bills despite the fact that I canceled the service and they shoot the balance up to over $400 because of late fees. so you're telling me a late fee is equal to the amount of how much a bill costs? maybe even more? then they try to tell me that I never returned the equipment even though a guy came out to get the equipment. oh yeah, I'm holding onto your cable boxes and modem to use as paperweights and doorstops. (sarcasm) I'm sure they just wanted them back to give new customers used cable boxes and modems. so because of that, the bill goes up to over $900. it just never made any sense. two other complaints I have is the fact that they stopped sending me bills in the mail, they only showed them online. it seemed like it wasn't until I owed them more money when they finally started sending the bills in the mail again. the second being how they don't allow other cable/satellite providers to show the couple of channels that show the Phillies games unless they have a contract with them. what do they think? that they own the Phillies?

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I've had the same type of lovely experiences. My dad actually found a real person whom's first language is English and he was from cooperate.

He gave me the number and I finally got a gs of the same guy and now I'm getting charged the fair amount m. Which is still way over-priced.

I feel your pain. They are so money hungry, it's pathetic.


It is difficult to take this page seriously. It is always easy to find faults in everyone else while ignoring your own.

It's a shame that this person has let others actions occupy so much space in their mind & heart.

Not to mention their time. Life is too short to allow others actions disrupt their lives so much as this page indicates.


I guess you're just not the venting type