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I have so many complaints about this company, but I'll just focus on the two main points.

My internet drops signal at least twice a day and each time the router needs to be reset. It's really caused a lot of problems, mainly because I take online classes and I actually failed an exam because my service was lost in the middle of taking it. I've called customer service many times and I've gotten the same answer: Comcast does not support wireless routers. I'm sorry, I just looked at my calendar and saw that it's almost 2011. HOW CAN YOU NOT SUPPORT WIRELESS?! Everything is wireless! What they mean to say, though, is that they don't support routers that weren't purchased through Comcast. Therefore, the only thing customer service reps can do is tell you to unplug your router and let it sit, then plug it back in. A five year old could have figured that out. That doesn't fix the problem. And I refuse to give more of my money to Comcast by purchasing an "approved" router, just so this bull will most likely happen anyway.

Also, I rarely watch television but when I do, service gets interrupted probably about 3 times an hour. It's bad enough my service goes out, but it goes out in the most annoying way - the picture pixelates then freezes, and if there's any sound going on it gets all loopy, and sometimes there is even a big popping noise. I've probably uttered the phrase "I'm paying for this?!" about 10000 times since I've subscribed to cable.

I really wish there wasn't this huge monopoly on cable providers in my area because I would LOVE to terminate my service.

Thoroughly annoyed.

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I agree with thoroughly annoyed...Comcast is lousy. I have the same problems with the TV and with the "so-called" fast internet service.

Thank God they don't have my phone.

Xfinity is a scam to get more money out of people for lousy service. Don't be fooled...stay as far away from Comcast as possible.


Also, it sounds like you need to have a technician visit your house to correct the problems with your cable TV services. If you already have, it sucks that they didn't resolve it and you should ask for a supervisor next time to make sure they send a lead tech.

If you haven't allowed them a chance to come out to try to fix it, then you can't really hold it against them. The problems you described cannot be fixed over the phone, and although it would be nice if this kind of thing never happened at all, there's no such thing as perfect technology.


I don't really understand why you would expect Comcast to fix equipment that is not theirs and has nothing to do with them. If you have a third party router that is not working correctly, you should call the manufacturer of that router for support.

My guess is that you don't want to do this because it's out of warranty and they want to charge you. Sorry about your luck, but that's how things go.

You are not entitled to free support for every device you connect to Comcast's network, or even free support from the manufacturer after it's out of warranty for that matter.

The good news is, however, that it's pretty cheap to get a router from Comcast these days. You can order one online at


geuss what comcast won't support your router in 2012 or 2013 either

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