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Every interaction I have with Comcast is horrible! They have the worst customer service that I have ever experienced!

I have worked for many call centers before, and Comcast doesn't even come close to how you are supposed to treat your customers.

Now on top of everything else, they are billing me a service call fee for replacing one of their old lines that is their responsibility! They also are charging me for canceling my TV service and re-activating it when I never even requested it! I wish I had another provider I could go to for Internet.

They are even pushing me to wondering if I can go without Internet completely!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I'd call their corporate office. I don't call 800-COMCAST anymore. I never get anything accomplished, nor is it even resolved.

They will forward the complaint to the local office, and they are more willing to help!

Dial 215-665-1700 and ask for Lucile Fatil and they will transfer you to the Office of the President.

Don't waste your time anymore!

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