I have Comcast cable, intranet and phone service for one year now. I have had continual problems with my phone.

But the best one of yet is that when I contacted the regional VP of Connecticut to get this problem solved, he has actually told me that he would pay me to get rid of me, because I was costing the company more money then I was worth!!! Recently, he claimed I was "rude" to one of his employees and again threatened to cut off my service. But the fact that I have had continual problems with his company isn't rude? BTW I was not rude, after leaving 3 messages for the complaint person to call me back, when I finally got her on the phone, she states "I will call you back" as soon as she heard my voice, and I told her that that was unacceptable.

That is why they called me rude!!

This company is a joke and action needs to be taken against them.

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