I switched from Directv to Comcast about 3 years ago because of a "great deal". What a mistake!!

Nothing but technical issues and the price is ever going up for less content. I have their Xfinity triple play with BASIC cable. Also No HBO, STARZ etc. I can't even switch back as they don't provide internet service any longer in my area.

The fees alone are astronomical. Your 99.99 ends up being about 155.00 when all is said and done. That's 2 Tvs and only 1 with the on demand box. Also, my son loves the Simpsons and as of the 1st, they decided to archive 28 seasons of it.

I wonder how many other shows they have done that to. Also, if you have ever noticed, there are shows on demand that you have to pay for even if they are local network shows. Working on finding alternatives but they pretty much have you by the balls because just the lowest speed internet alone runs around 70.00. Please.

Another example of corporate greed at its best. More for them and less for you!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Xfinity Triple Play Bundle.

Reason of review: delivery and price.

Comcast Cons: Problems with technical issues and high prices.

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