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Check out "I know an *** at Comcast" on facebook and become a friend. Yesterday's pleasurable experience with Comcast took 3 calls (one ended in being routed to a dead line that cut me off) and several hours as they explained to me that I signed up for premium channels (that I never signed up for) and how this was my fault.

Threatened them with the FCC, BBB and lawsuit. They finally corrected their mistake...after 3 hours on the phone.

Also, be careful if you THINK you have blocked a pubic listing of your phone number and address. They charged me monthly for "non-publication" and I did not know that they actually published my information.

Of course, no money reimbursed for that. Idiots!

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Of course they're full of idiots. Such is prone to happen when you allow monopolies to rule an industry. There is simply no other viable option in many areas and this allows them to get away with *** customer service, maintanance, and overcharge.

The FCC allowed this to happen by approving all their mergers.

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