Fairfield, California
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The new norton download has destroyed our access to smartzone and the internet. Comcast has worked to restore our access but the fixes are temporary.

Computer blogs reflect long standing problems with Smartzone. Comcast is trying but I place the blame on the norton down load, reload and unload-nothing works.

I have tried the fixes on the web and have spent at least 20 hours trying to resolve the problem with Comcast-each person at comcast tries a different fix. Norton denies there is a problem and Micro Soft says that Norton is not compatible with XP needs Vista- Comcast says MS is wrong-and around in circles-i go from Comcast to Norton to Micro Soft to Comcast---

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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get rid of norton quick as you can. my son who is in computers tried to download it several times and it killed my internet service each time. use AVG FREE it works just as good if not better.

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