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Update by user Sep 08, 2011

As a result I immediately called their competitor for services. They were glad to comply.

I used to be a brand loyalist.

I now discourage people from using Comcast. I\'m in marketing the Comcast made a very serious PR move.

Original review posted by user Sep 08, 2011

I've been a Comcast customer for 10+ years. I was laid off 5 months ago (April 2011) and got behind on my bill.

I finally had the cash to bring my acct current and called them to say I'd pay the next day when my unemployment pymt came. I was told they couldn't extend it a day. The service rep was very flippant and claimed there was nothing she could to do help me. She almost an "oh well" attitude.

The next day shortly before noon, I called again to say I had the cash and was told that my service was already disconnected that morning and now I'd have to pay a deposit, plus a reconnect fee AND schedule an appointment for technician to come to my home.

Really? OMG Comcast.

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