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Let me start off this way, when the commercials say that Comcast's internet is fast and reliable, don't believe it as it is neither.

We moved here in 2012 after my dad retired from the military, and we used to have a really bad company back in another state, so we thought it couldn't get worse.

My internet gets ping spikes all the time which cause my games to lag, despite them constantly saying how it won't do that during peak hours (Which are apparently 1 p.m., 4 p.m., and 8 p.m., since my internet's *** during those times)

But now it is intolerably bad. We have the phone and internet with them (We unbundled and switched our TV to DirecTV because we'd rather have a wonky signal when it's storming than have one literally all the time) and our phone flat out hasn't worked for like two weeks. 2 out of 3 of us have Cell Phones so it hasn't completely messed us up, because mine still works with WiFi and Facebook Messenger.

ABOUT THAT...our Wifi has been bad for almost a week now. I have friends who do this sort of thing as a hobby and I've had them come fix it multiple times already, every time because it just stopped allowing devices to use the router. The first time we spent a good 3 hours just trying to get it to let mom's iPad on the network. Now it refuses to let my devices on. We have a good few of them, but we DO pay a lot to get the network that "Supports a lot of devices"

It lets four devices connect. This family computer, the other family computer that's so slow we barely use it anyway, my mom's iPad, and something just called "Computer" when I check which devices the router lets on (Thanks, router, that's useful info...)

What it doesn't connect anymore is a longer list of things we use a lot.

My laptop (The best computer in the house at the moment, which I use for gaming and Skype calling my sister who moved across the country, and I can't do these now)

My phone (Which doesn't have a plan on it cause I'm unemployed, and I used it for social media, which I can't do)

My TV, which has Netflix and Youtube built in, which I used whenever there was nothing on (Which is a lot)

The PS3 which also has Netflix but in a different room

My friends all tell me they can't fix it this time and we need to ask for a new router, but the problem is not only is the account only accessible by my dad, who despite me and my mom begging, doesn't wanna call and "Deal with it", but we're also afraid to ask more because we had such a terrible company where we used to live as well, and with them when we asked for a router replacement, they always gave us the same old *** one that was refurbished after someone else got tired of it not working, and I just know it will happen again, especially after seeing how much it happens to other people.

So here we are, paying for something that barely works, and apparently this piece of **** router has a "rental fee"

I wish I could convince my parents to buy a better router, if Comcast even LETS us :T

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Comcast Cons: Router, Phone.

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Wow, that's impressive. They even let 12 year olds comment for whining. Get a "New" modem from Comcast.