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As a new subscriber, I kept getting billed for a modem that I purchased myself, and verified this with installer. Yet I kept getting billed for it, kept calling comcast, and each time was told it was now credited.

One told me the credit was now showing on my account. Still being billed for it. It wasn't until the last time, that I asked if this was theft, charging for something that I did not order, and I would contact the news station, and has recorded the call, that I was put on hold, and told I would no longer be billed for this. I explained I wanted a credit for past months that I paid.

I was then credited at that time, so was told so. No credit still on bill. NOW, I am being charged instead for a second converter that I ordered, with the first one being free as my package. So, they get $7 a month extra, then after complaint, now get $10 instead.

My sister paid $7 each month also for her modem and they kept telling her they would credit the bill. To date, they have not. Everyone, look at your bill under ADDITIONAL INFINITY SERVICES. This is where they put your illegal charges you didn't order.

Many people don't understand what a modem is or that if they use their own, they do NOT owe for this charge. Check your package-you may be billed for each converter, when the first may have been free with your package.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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Well, first of all, I am aware of these types of issues, and they are all too common... However, I can't help but notice a few inaccuracies in your saga.

First, Comcast, as far as I know, does not have a promotional package or otherwise that includes a free "converter" box. Comcast does provide up to 2 (varies depending on your market) Digital Transport Adapters (DTAs) and a 2-3 dollar fee for each additional DTA.

So your story appears to be missing information.

Also, You sound like an intelligent individual that is diligent in their research so I must ask, if you scrutinize your bill as it appears you do, where is this "Additional Infinity Services" that you speak of? Comcast billing has no heading or section with reference to Infinity.

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