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A few years ago, I switched to Comcast because of a flyer had some really good deals on it from Comcast. After subscribing to Comcast, they charged about 15-$20 @ month more than the flyer said (bait & switch). I disputed it to no avail. I only paid them what the flyer said. So after several months they said I owed them the $20 difference times so many months. My bill grew up to over 120+ dollars higher than what it was supposed to be. Then an agent came to my house to talk about it and I showed them the flyer and a spread sheet showing them that I was right and they were wrong, they agreed and told me they would take care of it. After a while, I didn't see that they took care of it. I called again and talked to them even after that, they didn't resolve it. They cancelled me. So I promptly took the cable box back. While I was there, I showed the people in that office my paperwork and they AGREED with me that I was overcharged, and that they would take care of it.

The next time I got a response about this ~ it was a postcard from a debt collection agency for the $120. They damaged my credit. If I had more time, I would try to take them to small claims court, but I just let it go.

Fast Forward to NOW. A few months ago, I decided to give Comcast another try, they had a really good deal and I took it. They said they would "wave" my past bill (even though I told them that they said they were going to take care of it.) They were to send me the "do it yourself installation" for internet service ONLY. After a couple weeks, the kit never came. I called, they apologized and sent me a new one. It came and it didn't work. I asked them to come out and check to make sure the line from the pole to the house was working. They said it wouldn't cost anything. They came out and said the pole wires were fine, BUT that they could go in my attic and fix it. I asked them how much $ that would cost, they replied, "about $70"³. I told them NO WAY, to leave and that I would hook it up myself (I am an engineer, these things are easy for me). I was struggling with the hookup until I discovered that the Comcast Service Tech guy had hooked up the WRONG wires at the cable box on the outside of the house. I don't know if he did this intentionally or by incompetence? After I installed the correct wire, walla, my internet started working.

The bill comes in. It overcharged me $100+ They did it in several different ways, 1) It started my service from the first day I called them (even though they didn't send the cable do-it-yourself kit out 3 weeks later. 2) They charged me TWICE for the do-it-yourself kit. 3) They charged me for the service call (that they said they wouldn't). Needless to say (but I will) I spent: 3 chats on the internet, three calls, and a LOT of my time. They ALWAYS say they will correct it, and I thought they had when I got an email the next day stating they credited my account! I couldn't believe it! They did, YAHOO! Comcast finally got it right!!!!! NOT! The next bill came in and it's over $90+ over what it should be. I called and they said that the credits were over-ruled by a supervisor. BTW, the SUPERVISORS are EVIL. They are the ones that LIED every time when they said, "They would take care of it."

I have done some research, and found out on, the complaints against Comcast were 545, versus 4 for WowWay, and 12 for AT&T U-verse. I looked on FaceBook, and there is an "I Hate Comcast" page and it has over 12,300+ members! There was an "I Hate AT&T" with 9 members, and there wasn't an "I Hate WowWay" at all. Does that tell you something? I think that a class action suit should be filed against Comcast.

My bill is due on this Sept 22nd, and I will not be paying the overage they want. So they will probably cancell me again and do MORE DAMAGE to my credit. Its a shame that a big company and its EVIL supervisors can BULLY hard working people all over this country. I wonder if I will get any relief by posting this here or not, BUT, I will not give up the fight against them. If they don't fix this, I will escalate it. I have MANY options.

My acc# is: 09558 246663-02-6

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I am going through the same *** from comcast. if any of you doubt this person story, then all I have to say is that you will be sorry later.

Stay away from comcast. they are like criminals, but they get away with it legally.


You'd think Comcast would go out of business like anybody else if they were such cheats and ***, but unfortunately they will never go out of business, because they aren't actually a business. They are bankers from the U.S.'s eight big families called Corporations.


:( I subscribed to comcast for cable, internet, and phone service Dec. 1 2011.

I wasn't happy with the service and cancelled before my 30 days were up. They said I would receive a full refund. I had paid $25 deposit, and then paid a bill for $124.69. They sent me a refund of $27.78 in March.

When I called to complain, they said I would receive the balance of $121.91 within 30 days. Well it's May and I call again, but they tell me it will be another 4 to 6 weeks.

THEY ARE CROOKS. They have no intention of paying me my refund, they think if they stall long enough I'll forget about it, or get tired of argueing with someone in India about it!


Wow!!! All these complaints about how Comcast does business show me that these bastards really need to be taken to task.

They are making money hand over fist and just don't give a *** about what they do to anyone. I've had Comcast for about two weeks and they have already pissed me off enough that I'm here checking out posts like this. They got me with their internet service. I attempted to put my wireless modem into service and found that they BLOCK MY MODEM from being used.

I called customer support and was told they "needed to provision my router" and it was a one time fee of about $80~! So... this is the situation. They block my router and when I pay the RANSOME, then they will unblock my router.

These bastards have no right to block my router in the first place. I pay for their internet servicet to my home and what I hook to it should not be any of their concern. It does NOT tax their service any more...

it does NOT cost them anything at all when I do this. They have no right to block my router and I surely wish someone could file a class action suit against these bastards.