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Comcast is a horrible, unprofessional, dishonest company. My experience with Comcast service gets a F grade. Especially the Edgewood MD branch of Comcast I scheduled an appointment for Wednesday to setup my internet, and cable services. I was finally able to get an appointment no sooner than a week after I moved to my townhouse. Not a day or two days, but an entire week from the date that I ordered my service was the earliest that they said that they could come to my house. I told customer service that I could not consistently *** of work to meet the technician therefore the technician had to be there for the schedule appointment time. The customer service rep said that the tech would be on time, and there would be no problems. Therefore, I left work early that Wed to meet the technician from 4-6pm. 5:45pm rolls around, and the technician does not show up. Finally at 6:30pm I get a call saying that the technician has gone home for the day, and will not be making my appointment. I was furious! Not only was I inconvenienced, but I was also lied to. I had to *** early from work to meet the tech because I was promised that the tech would be there on time. I told the customer rep that I absolutely cannot keep taking time off of work for their company to cancel appointments. The rep then tried to schedule me for the upcoming weekend leaving me without service for at least 2 more days. I told her that since your company dishonored their agreement that I should be moved up in que, and my installation should be moved up to the next day. I tried to schedule a time before I went to work, but the customer rep said that the earliest they could do the service was 11. I told the rep that I could not continue to *** of work for her company to cancel my appointment. She then rescheduled my appointment for after 5pm that evening. I asked the customer rep to have the person be there for 5pm. The customer rep said that they would. I rushed home from work that Thursday, and got home around 4:50 pm. I waited for 45 min, but nobody showed up and I didn't get a call. At 6 pm I called customer service, and I asked where the tech was. I was told that they did not schedule a tech to come to my house. They did however have the notes on my account to come to my house that day after 5pm. Therefore they had the directions on what to do, but were not competent enough to tell someone to do it. The customer rep then gave me 2 measly $20 credits for being inconvenienced than said that they would schedule me another appointment. I said again that I cannot continuously *** of work for your company's unprofessionalism. They assured me again that they would take care of the problem, and reschedule me for an appointment for Friday. The customer rep then said that they would call me back ASAP to confirm that the appointment had been set, and that they tech would be here for 5pm (e.g. the earliest that I could make the appointment) on Friday. An hour and a half goes by, and I have yet to hear from the customer rep.I then called back, and ask why I have yet to get any confirmation about my appointment time for tomorrow (e.g. Friday). The new customer rep then tells me that I have no appointment set for Friday. After being furious and telling him to schedule my appointment from (4-6pm) for Friday I again tell the rep that I am not going to *** of work for this company to cancel a third appointment. I told the customer rep that the tech needs to be here for 5pm. The rep then proceeds to tell me that I need to be flexible, and leave the schedule time open because he doesn't know what time the tech will be here. I then explain to the rep that I did do this the 1st time, but your company did not honor the agreement. He then argues with me about how I need to make sure that I am flexible during the scheduled timeframe. Finally he then says that he will make a note for the tech to come at 5pm or later for Friday. Friday comes, and sure enough at 5:45 pm no tech. I then call the customer service number 1.800.266.2278, to talk to someone. There *** electronic answering system puts me into a loop. When I call the electronic operator says do you want to cancel, reschedule, or keep your appointment. After selectring keep my appointment the *** system ask me if I want to hear my installation options. After selecting yes, the only installation options were the same 3 questions I just heard (do you want to cancel, reschedule, or keep you appointment) basically putting me in an endless loop.I hung up the phone , and called back. This time basically trying to reach an operator from the initiation of the call. When I was finally able to reach an operator I asked to speak directly to a manager. After explaining my story this time to a manager I was put on hold for 30 min while he claimed to solve the problem. After 30 mins of no action the manager dropped my call. The manager had already asked and was given my account information so the manager had my number. However, the manager never bothered to call me back. Once again another example of Comcast's unprofessionalism. The manager new that my appointment was canceled by Comcast 3 times, the manager also knew that I was not given another appointment, and furthermore knew that my problems with the company were not resolved. However, the manager never called me back.I called the same Comcast number again, but this time I was routed to a Louisiana station. At this point, I only wanted to speak to managers therefore when I spoke to the rep I told the rep to transfer me to a manger. After being on hold for 20 mins I was finally able to speak to a manager. After explaining my total dissatisfaction with Comcast the manager then proceed to say I can't help you because I am not in your district, and since you didn't give any information to the rep I can't pull up your info. Then the manager said that the best they could do was transfer to a rep in my area, or reschedule my appointment at their earliest inconvenience. I said that this was totally unacceptable, and asked to be transferred. Not only that, but they did not even have my current information, but instead had info on a previous address that I had with the company. After finally being transferred to a rep in my coverage area I was told that I cannot be automatically qued up in line for installation, but would first need authorization and that could take time. I have been on the phone with the company for over 2 hours, and have yet to receive a new appointment date.Comcast is one of the worst companies that I have ever had the displeasure of having to do business with. If they were not the only cable service in the area I would drop their lack of service, and professionalism in an instant. Cable companies my story is a motivation to compete with Comcast and drive them out of business. Potential customers, in my opinion if there is another cable service in your area try them first because on the whole Comcast is an incompetent, unprofessional company. If I could get quality satellite service where I live I would choose them over Comcast cable. I have also done some research online, and approximately 90% of people who have comments about Comcast have negative things to say. Comcast gets an F, they do not pass go, they do not collect $200

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You should ask to be transferred to "Dispatch" and ask for the Dispatch supervisor. Customer service can only route appointment requests to dispatch and have no control of the inefficiencies happening in the dispatch department where you live.

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