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I have complained about this monster for years now. Obviously it makes no difference to them.

Accepting the fact that we are individually not powerful enough to make a difference, but collectively we can. As my 7 year old daughter said. Mommy stop fighting with them - why don't you just pull out the plug and make it all go away. This idean is gaining momentum and all should join.

Hit the b****rds where it hurts. In their NASDAQ pockets. Without the customers -- there is no comcast.

Power to the people!

March 13, 2010 is "National Pull the Plug on Comcast Day" Solidarity means strength in numbers.

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i believe there is something wrong with comcast. i suspect (ONLY MY OPINION), Comcast is about to go Adelphia's way, a competitor that went defunct because of management irregularities.

today i wrote a letter to government officials and I will ask the justice department to halt their merger with NBC. I found the company has problems at every level including customer relations, pricing, equipment, management and installations. please write to me at

I want to hear your story. Thank you


I'm pretty convinced that Comcast is the devil! It's not like it was one bad experience, it's more like 50.

The 1st time I was a Comcast customer was okay, not great but okay, as in nothing compared to the 2nd time. The first time I cancelled they gave me such a hard time about returning the equipment, which I did promptly. However, according to them I didn't and they kept sending me bills for a couple hundred dollars every 3-6 months AFTER i returned equipment. Everytime I called they said "no, you returned it and you are all set" but then a few months later collection notice. Long story short took about a year to clear this mess up. BTW this exact same scenario happen to one of my best friends as well.

This time, oh Lord, I cancelled in June b/c I moved out of the residence. Comcast kept billing me for the next 4 mos regardless of me calling, "fixing" the problem and Comcast telling me "oh, sorry miss ***, I took care of it for you". Then the last time they took money out of my checking account was for 3x as much as the other times (b/c the new residents upgraded their package, lucky me but really lucky them, shooot). BTW i had been (unwillingly/unknowingly) paying for the new residents cable that moved in since June. This time I was irrate I called and EVENTUALLY Comcast ended up agreeing to issuing me a check for 1/3 the total Comcast took from me since June. Comcast sent me a check, which I didnt deposit right away (maybe a week later) then sent me another within a week. Both checks came for the exact same amount to my current address. I deposited the first one and was going to throw 2nd check away since I figured it was a mistake. Comcast turns around and cancels 1st check after I deposit causing a $20 returned check fee from my credit union. Now, Im REALLY mad!!!! Comcast is saying I CALLED to say 1st check was going to wrong address....heeellllloooo they both were sent to my current address and I NEVER called and how would I even know it was going to wrong address. It's not like Comcast provided me with a tracking number for the checks. How was I supposed to know they were going to send two (their mistake)?? SO, this is where I'm at right now. Comcast "cannot guarantee we will be able to reimburse the $20".

This mistake was not mine to begin with. All I'm asking for is for Comcast to make things halfway right, which clearly is like pulling teeth. FYI: Every single time I talk to somebody, they have NO IDEA what's going on (I'm like welcome to my life), they make promises and NEVER follow through and ALWAYS say someone will call me back which NEVER happens!!!!!!!!! Even when I say "nobody EVER calls me back" &, of course, Comast responds with, "someone will for sure call you", it NEVER HAPPENED not even once. I have called @ least 30x and they have never called me back once. One time a so-called manager gave me his personal line and promised to call back, never did and when i called him I left probably 10 VM's and still NOTHING!!!

I have NEVER been treated so poorly and been so disgusted with a company. I will never Obviously be a Comcast customer again and I tell every person I know not to do it as well. Because even though you think you got away clean when you cancel, it's far from over. I swear if I had the time I would spend my full days posting negative comments, blogs etc.

I will never have anything good to say about Comcast & I make it known how terrible they treat their customers. They do not deserve to be Successful!!! They are simply terrible.

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