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FYI - Comcast Personnel get their service for FREE for those who do not know this. And Watch They lie to you about those 1.99 boxes which is you get three and then you get charged after the 3rd box. Also The box that was 6.95 well now its 9.99 it get channels like the big boxes. but it small and no has no time signal.

I had the TV and Internet service never really had to much problems. UNTIL I got the phone service all heck broke lose. I have had the service for 3 months and the service is bad. The call logs are not up to date and the message get crossed. Example I had a message so I went on line to hear them well the call was my husband and not DHL service and I had another call the was the same way.

I have had Comcast out here almost every week. And Cooperate involve but the issue still remans. All I hear is the engineers are working on it and it a state wide problem. OK if that is the case get your so call top notch engineers and get the problem fix.

Its bad enough The 2nd line you have basically nothing 11.99 a month unless you want to pay 22.99 and get the feature you get from other companies for less!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Comcast's employee cable service is not free it is discounted so the agents can assist customers with products and services by having access to it. The only difference with the 2 types of phone packages is long distance and voicemail, the cheaper of the 2 does not have long distance and voicemail, check with your local competitors and see what you get for 2 phone lines with unlimited long distance, voicemail and caller ID before you have a fit!

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