Chicago, Illinois

I have Xfinity internet/phone and it failed repeatedly. Calling Comcast, I got people in foreign countries who had no idea how to speak English or help me.

I had to track down Comcast corporate and they at first seemed helpful. But they kept sending people to my home without my permission or knowledge. They trespassed and left a mess in my yard. They did not fix the problems all the way, and then they lied about the dates of the problems, so they could offer me a pathetically low credit for all the trouble they caused me.

They are corrupt and a monopoly.

Do not trust them. Comcast is a criminal organization, greedy and lying.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Comcast is the most unethical company I've ever dealt with.


I know exactly how you feel. Comcast is unfortunately heavily tied to the IRS/Democratic scandals used against Americans and what Comcast does to 'boost Internet speeds at no cost to the subscriber' is illegally wire tap or connect or sabotage competitive isp devices and uses electronic harassment to 'punish' former customers or non-Comcast internet customers for what the mafia calls 'defecting' or 'ratting' them out or breaking away.

As a one time Comcast customer I will not be happy until this mafia run criminal organization is absolutely out of business permanently shut down and all their proceeds given back to the victims of Comcast, that is non-negotiable.

What Comcast and other democratic crime organizations do is give their organization a new name or use a branch of their organization to launder the money they have scammed out of people to in an effort to keep money they basically stole through fraudulent and corrupt business practices and such a class action lawsuit should be treated as nothing less than a very malicious and deliberate war crime of espionage and sabotage against the American people and as I've said before I will not be happy until every cent Concast (*** as in fraudulent: Comcast) has ever made is given back and until Comcast/xfinity is shut down completely and all those involved in this criminal organization are in prison for the rest of their lives working to pay back their victims.