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I live in a low income seniors complex in North Port. We have only one cable company and that is Comcast.

I have been a customer for many years with Comcast however their bundle (phone,internet,TV) kept increasing almost monthly. I decided to unbundle services as that would make my bill $103 a month and since I really didnt use the phone (I have a cell) it would save me some money. That happened in October. In November one of their men called pretty high up on the food chain I guess, and conned me into rebundling and I would get it for $99.

That sounded great so I went ahead. Some tech came out and installed something and then handed me a contract with what looked like fees for doing that. I called Comcast immediately and said I wouldmt want their phone with any of those fees. They said they were waived so unforturnately I went ahead.

Next couple of weeks i got a bill for $40. A few days later I got a bill for $172+. There were all kinds of fees, taxes, install charges, etc. You can imagine my disgust at seeing this.

I called in November and told them to un bundle and I would only be paying for TV and internet. They would not do this in spite of my multiple calls and so I continued to send them $103 for the 2 services. This has gone on since November and I wrote several complaints to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Nothing happened except my bill kept getting higher and higher with late fees, unknown additions, etc.

Finally in disgust I started writing to them telling them to un bundle their phone and since they didnt listen when I called, maybe by writing they would understand that I didnt want their f.......g phone. In January they sent me one of their ugly pink slips telling me services would be cut off if I didnt send them 2 months of payment. That all the fees and add ons were still included and the amount would be due by February 23. I then got more phone calls from another one of their idiots telling me to pay $117 and another $117 a few days later and they would remove the late fee.

I was never late. This so disgusted me I said no I will send you $103 which is all that is owed to you without late fee, add on fees, and phone ***. Next think I know, they cut off my TV which I have always paid and left the idiotic phone and internet on. Then I wrote again to the Consumer department and it appears they tryed to negotiate but comcast wouldnt listen so they called the case closed unsatisfactorily.

The original guy that conned me left a voice message that he was sorry to hear of all this problem and would try to fix the mess. Of course I have yet to reach him but in the meantime sent comcast a 3rd letter stating that since they had treated me so badly they were fired. That means for the first time in years I will be without the most basic of services since they are the only company allowed in here. This is a sorry state of affairs and I am appalled that idiots like these people are can run a company in such an idiotic manner and abuse their clientele like this.

I guess my next step would be small claims or an attorney however my funds are limited and I was paying all I could afford before the re bundle occurred. If I can ever move out of this complex I will never move to a place with a monopoly with Comcast. It is not fair to the consumer and not to senior citizens like myself. I suppose I am paying through taxes for all the obozo low lifes on freebies from working people.

This entire country is being ruined by out of ether taxes and spending by incompetents in the highest level of government.

Please let me know if you can help in any way but this treatment should be realized when people are looking into cable and have a choic between comcast and others. DO NOT GO WITH COMCAST!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

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Comcast js the most corrupt provider out there, i got a bill for $449 amd said i also didnt pay last months bill(which i did and they acknowledged it on the phone). They said your bill is for the month before...which is *** because i paid $265 the month i signed up for the upcoming how am i behind a month payment?

I was never late on any payments. Then another bill came for "other charges and fees for $60" haha it is sick, ive had comcast for 3 months and paid about $800...and still and behind $195. It is Disgusting and i charged back with my bank claiming it was fraud....*** them! Not to mention the service sucks!!!

We receive NONE of the promised channels

On the sports package, none!!!! They also came 3 times, gave us the wrong out-dated hardware, then came to replace it and charged us another installation fee!!.....this boils my blood.

So i told them to cancel

My service and went with direct tv. I told them they know where they can stick the $449 that i owe....i refuse to pay it so bring me to court.


I had the same issue. I had cable service for my mother in a nursing home.

The 1 year promotion didn't last 2 weeks before the bill went up. Took two months and phone calls to fix it. Then back up in 6 months. Called and change.

Nursing home finally sent a letter and said they were going satellite due to issues with Comcast. I wrote and called to cancel service as of 8/30/13 and they did. However continued to send bills although they said nothing more was owed.

Continued to ignore the bills and guess what, they turned the $36 over to a collection agency. Absolute CROOKS especially considering their preying on the elderly and those on limited incomes.



They OVERCHARGE for Everything and the phone is Horrible. no one can hear anything and they keep Lying about Digital Voice ..BS ...Magic Jack is even beeter