Bellevue, Washington

on feb 6th i no longer continued to receive my expanded cable service. on march 5 th i receive a bill for the services i did not received.

when i called, they explained that those channels went digital. that is fine with me but what about the fees i payed for services not received. they said they were sorry, but they could not credit my account. since when can't a billing dept credit an account?

the truth is, they don't want to do it, and that makes them a thief cos they know *** well i could not have received those channels without their new equipment.

i have been a costumer for atleast 17yrs, and now i have canceled all comcast services cos i don't do business with cheats and thieves. btw- they wanted to charge a cancellation fee, they should be more concerned with how their actions have lost a long standing customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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Bristol, Rhode Island, United States #775262

Comcast is *** cheater! They steal money from customer by a gimmick billing system.


Comcast lost me as a customer in 3 months and I call them a thief as well.

What a sorry excuse for a company, the's 2010 Worst Company in America, and a perennial contender of the title.

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