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Update by user Dec 08, 2014

Apparently this site works. I got a call from the Executive Customer Relations Team, who gave me credit for their errors, and gave me only the internet, which is what I wanted in the first place. Good for now.

Original review posted by user Dec 06, 2014

I am a disabled senior, and I cannot get out much. I wanted internet so I could "get out in the world". I called Comcast (after I found out Comcast was the only service available, WHY IS THAT?), and asked how much it would cost for internet. The fast talking sales person said the triple pkg (tv/phone/internet) was a much better deal for under $80/month for 12 mos. I had a friend over and told them what the sales person said, and he said it seemed reasonable, so I agreed to their price.

I didnt need the tv or phone, but used it because it was there. The tv would lock up several times per week, and the "on demand" seldom worked. I got a lot of strange phone calls with phone number they gave me, from people I didnt know, and many who couldn't speak English, and have no idea what they wanted.

For 6 months, the bill was for around $75/mo, as the sales person had stated, and I paid it on time every time. After 6 mos. I got a bill for around $153.00, with an explanation that they had billing errors the previous 6 mos. No they didnt, it was what we agreed to pay.

I went on their website to their hopeless chat session to find out what was going on. I got bounced around several times to other people who said they couldnt help me, but would transfer me to someone who could. Nobody helped.

I finally got someone to write up a "trouble ticket" and they said someone would contact me within a couple days. I gave them my contact info so they could do so. About a week went by without a word. I went back online to their website, and noticed I had an email. I never used their email acct, which was not my contact info I gave them either. By happenstance, I just happened to go to the email acct, and someone had replied, stating that they indeed mis-billed me, and I should be paying $130.00, and I could not continue the $75 rate. Of course, I couldnt reply to their one-way emailing system either.

I finally found a way to email customer service, and explain the whole situation. I live on a limited income and cannot afford $130.00, (this is the "real" triple pkg. promotion, which will still go up later after 12 mos.) I did not phone them, because I wanted everything in writing, and had also read endless problems with trying to get issues solved over the phone.

I told them in the email I never wanted the triple pkg in the first place, so please cancel the tv and phone, provide me the due credit, and give me my original request of the internet promotion only. That was over 3 weeks ago now, and nobody has contacted me, just send me another bill now over $200, which obviously will never get paid. I guess the only way they will contact me is when they turn the services off, and turn it over to collections, which obviously I cant/wont pay because of their lack of the ability to solve a simple problem or even communicate with me.

The real problem in all of this is lack of competition, which I read the FCC just approved a merger of Comcast with another cable company. It will all just get worse until we boycott the Comcast's of the world.

I spent 30+ years developing world-class customer service organizations, and Comcast fails miserably in every regard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Package.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Comcast Pros: Internet.

Comcast Cons: Cust service, Poor tv, Poor phone, No email for complaints, Lied about pkg price.

  • Horrible Service From Comcast
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