I have the Comcast Xfinity bundle that includes cable, internet, and home phone service. If I were able to accurately describe how bad the service has been, and continues to be, you would shake your head and wonder why I bother to keep their service. Indeed, I question myself the same.

I have only myself to blame because after the 4th service call to get the cable to work I should have dropped them like a bad habit. Besides the service calls for the cable, I've had 6 service calls for the internet. The internet is either slow, slower, or broken at all times.

When the service technician comes out, if the internet is working at all, I show them how slow it is by trying to watch a video on YouTube. It takes at least 2 minutes for a YouTube video to buffer so it can be viewed. The technician shakes his head, says something like, "Oh yeah, that is slow. It shouldn't be that way." He hooks something to the modem, remarks that the modem seems fine, then makes a phone call. This always results in, "Someone else is going to look at the lines." or "I think they are working in your neighborhood today so that's why it's slow."

Nothing has ever been fixed by Comcast, ever. Oh the cable? We hired a private contractor to fix the cable so we could watch television, cost us $275. My neighbor down the street has DSL. I've been leeching off of his wireless for over a month because my Comcast internet doesn't work. I think I'll slip him a $20 every month and divorce myself from Comcast. Buyer beware if you're thinking about using Comcast.

Store Location: Dallas, Texas

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Let me see if I can help anyone. I don't know how well this will work with those of you that have the bundle with Comcast but Here is what I did.

I only have internet and I have sat tv with another company. The cables for the 2 are on separate lines. I told them when I set up at my new house that I want the cable for the internet to come straight into my house and to my modem without any cuts or splitters. dont let them use *** existing cable.

make them set new cable. you are paying alot of money for there bs monopoly service so they should hook you up with new equipment. Every time the wire is cut it slows the connection down so you must eliminate those where possible. If you do have to use a splitter, get an expensive one.

Next, get an actual line technician out there to tweak the frequency at the pole. most people they send out are idiots so make sure you get a line tech that knows what he is doing. Whatch them set it up. Dont let them *** with a half *** job.

Make them earn there money. Hope that helps!


I have the same issues ad "3asal." Ever since we moved our internet has been really slow, if it is working at all. I have the bundle package with phone, tv and internet. I've had 4 service calls already and no help.

Thinking about disconnecting it all and getting service on my phone instead.


brian_roberts@comcast.com is email address of CEO of Comcast


I used to have no problems. Comcast worked fine.

Then, about 3 weeks ago, the internet started getting very slow. At first it was only Youtube, and it was across all devices, so I thought it was Youtube. Now everything is extremely slow and that speedtest website keeps telling me 35mbps. What a joke.

I recall loading an hd youtube video without buffering, now loading a full 240p 2 minute video takes a half an hour. It is not just Youtube, every website including Google has slowed, and it is slow across all devices and browsers. The only thing that seems unaffected is Xbox live.

We also had some trouble with cable recently. I think I'll call them soon, but if they don't fix it, I am not going to use their services ever again.


my connection will actually shut off it get so slow, but it seems to only happen from 10pm to1 or 2 in the pm the next day. it will turn on an off at night but it mostly stays off at night, i was just lucky to be able to post this. my internet is gonna drop me again


i just installed comcast's performane xfinity internet with speeds up to 15 Mbs. After activating the service i tested the speed and it didnt even reach 1 Mb !

i tried watching a youtube video and the thing takes ages to load ! i downloaded a file and the speed was about 40kbs on average ! thats less than 256 kbps on browsing speed !

where the *** is my 15 Mbs ? true they said speeds may vary they didnt but they didnt specify to what extant :(


My normal download speed is about 18mbps with comcast. Today it is around 2-3mbps according to speedtest.net.

My download speeds should never be 6x-9x slower than normal. My average torrent speeds have gone from 1.5mb/s to around 40kb/s and firefox now likes to hang, a lot, especially on youtube.


my computer has been slow all week. Comcast fix this issue!!!, there shouldnt be a whole week of slow internet, should be fixed by now!!!


June 5, 2011

Last week-suddenly--our internet is 90% slower than it was before.

Why is this company so known for its awful customer service?

We should be initiating a class-action suit against them.

I think that is the only way they will listen!


I have noticed Comcast has been extremely slow for the past few days. I have the cheaper tier (the one they don't advertise because they don't want people to know about it), so I only pay them $25 a month, but it is still usually plenty fast.

This last weekend up through this week it has been very slow.

My friend a couple towns over noticed the same thing. We're in Utah.


dident happen with verizon , its moore expensive than verizon and its wost keeps losing connection


Go with Qwest, have had it for 6 months now at the intro rate of 30 bucks a mo. Just went up to 45 and this will be my permenant rate.

No problems with modem and super fast.

They overnight you the slick little modem, walk you through setup, took like 5 min. Used to have Comcast with nothing but problems.


I had the same bundle for 3 years and at NO TIME did all three things work at the same time. Something was always broken.

When I called in to talk to someone about crediting my bill because I was paying for services that weren't working, they didn't have any record of me calling in to report a problem or have any record of the 3 technicians that came to my house to check things. I tried to explain that I had no control over what was entered in their system but I would be happy to show them the cell phone bill that showed I was on the phone for 30 minutes to an hour with their customer service department several times. I assured them it wasn't just me calling to check out their automated system and waste my minutes. After being transferred and hung up on multiple times when asking to speak to a supervisor, I finally told them that I would rather stand on the side of the highway with a huge sign that says, "COMCAST SUCKS!" than to talk to another person about it.

I got a call last week from a collection agency that offered to give me a discount to settle my account. Told them to go ahead and put it on my credit because I was never going to give Comcast another dime!


I have had pretty much the same issues, and in addition they have been charging me a rental fee for my own modem that I bought at best buy (another *** company btw...) whatever happened to this country?